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Har-Bur Middle School Unified Fundraising Ideas  Our current fundraisers: The biggest fundraiser we do at Har-Bur is the Penguin Plunge.  The Cool School Challenge allows for our team to receive half of the money that we raise.  Since we started plunging in 2010 Har-Bur has raised over $18,000, of which nearly half has returned to our school, allowing us to keep our program self-sustaining, as well as help out other clubs around the school.  We helped our Kids in The Middle create 30 lifeguard costumes for their Halloween Spooktacular at Winding Trails.  This year the Unified Team is sponsoring the first ever Har-Bur Middle School Unified Spirit Award, given to one graduating 8th grader that promotes the Unified spirit of being a good mentor and friend to all the students they come in contact with, and contributes to a positive school climate.  Last year we raised over $5400 and won the Middle School Rockin’ School House Award, the Penguin Cup for raising more money than any school, and the Emperor Award for raising the most money of any team or participant at the plunge.  This year we are looking to raise $7000.  We would love to have many more schools join us at the Penguin Plunge at Winding Trails on January 29th.   Not only is it a great way to raise money, but a lot of fun. Sell your Unified team shirt in the school colors (make them opposite if they already are) and sell them for a $2 markup to students, and sell at a $7-8 mark-up for Staff to wear as a dress down day the first day of each month that your program meets on.  At HBMS we meet on Thursday and the back of our shirts say, “On Thursday We Wear Blue.”  It is not only a great way to make money for your program, but it promotes a Unified school spirit on your practice day. For the month of January, we are holding a fundraiser selling raffle tickets for $1 each during Thursday lunch waves.  There are 4 winners (one per grade) and each winner will receive a HBMS Unified t-shirt, and a plush penguin.  Staff can buy raffle tickets at $3 each and have a chance to win a Unified shirt and a $10 gift card to Dunkin Donuts.  Other fundraising ideas: Between now and holiday break, offer to have your team gift wrap holiday items for staff at $5 for a small store size bag or $10 for a large kitchen garbage size bag.  Make sure the items have sticky notes labeling who the gifts are to and from. Sell a penguin for a buck!  Like many stores do, sell a cutout penguin (or your school mascot) with a space to write their name, and hang them up in the main office or other designated areas around the school. Ask your Principal if he would be willing to be duct taped to a wall.  Sell each strip of duct tape for $1 and designate one specific day at the end of a promotional period to be the day the Principal spends the lunch waves taped to the wall.  Penny Wars!  Who doesn’t love a penny war!  Get large containers and collect them in homerooms for a 2-4-week period.  Each penny earns a penny but any other coins or dollars go against the homeroom.  The winner of the Penny War should receive some sort of token, at HBMS our penny wars usually go by grades and the winning grade gets a 30-minute ice cream social. We promote our fundraisers through our school’s e-blast, on our website, and by speaking during announcements, lunch waves, and at faculty meetings.  We also promote on our Unified Twitter page.  Follow us @HBMSUnified
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