Sister City Project

Cultural and Language Exchange between Communities: The Sister City Project

The Sister City Project began in 1997 when Mrs. Satmaria, a Har-Bur Spanish teacher,began teaching at Har-Bur. It is a pen-pal program between eighth grade students studying Spanish and elementary bilingual students from Hanover Elementary School in Meriden who are studying English. Throughout the year, Mrs. Satmaria's students correspond with their pen-pals in Spanish, with an emphasis on current curricular components. Mrs. Satmaria’s class also skypes with the younger students, reciting poems and singing songs at Christmas and being entertained by the younger children’s holiday songs. They also complete a book and school supply drive for their friends and hold simulated stores in the classroom to select gifts for their pals.

In the spring, the two groups of students meet face-to-face for a wonderful day of interaction. We have gone to Beardsley Zoo and Action Wildlife. At the end of the day, Har-Bur students read the books they have created for their buddies and give them a gift bag with school supplies they have selected for their child.

Through this project, Har-Bur students have a chance to practice their Spanish in an authentic way, learn about culture through their relationship, form a friendship and be a role model for a younger child.
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