Today in Math
This page provides a snapshot of our daily math lessons.  It is a good place to go for review or if you were absent and need to find out what you missed.

Friday, Sept. 20:
~Review DCP and book homework
~Mixed review activities (long division, area and perimeter)

Thursday, Sept. 19:
~Lessons 8 and 9: Area of Triangles

Wednesday, Sept. 18:
~Area Quiz #1

Tuesday, Sept. 17:
~Review Lessons 1-6 (prepare for Area Quiz)
~Pass back Computational Fluency Check 1

Monday, Sept. 16:
~Lesson 7: From Parallelograms to Triangles

Friday, Sept. 13:
~Review DCP
~Computation Quiz #1
~If time, Tangram Graphing Activity

Thursday, Sept. 12:
~Lesson 6: Area of Parallelograms

Wednesday, Sept. 11:
~Lesson 5: Bases and Heights of Parallelograms
~Graphing Parallelograms Activity

Tuesday, Sept. 10:
~Lesson 4: Parallelograms

Monday, Sept. 9:
~Warm-up: #32 from Summer Math Packet
~Lesson 3: Reasoning to Find Area

Friday, Sept. 6:
~Review the Daily Computation Practice Homework
~Complete Lesson 2

Thursday, Sept. 5:
~Unit 1: Area and Surface Area
   Lesson 2: Finding Area by Decomposing and Arranging

Wednesday, Sept. 4:
~Unit 1: Area and Surface Area
   Lesson 1: Tiling the Plane

Tuesday, Sept. 3:
~Warm-up - #36 from Summer Math Packet
~Passed out and labeled Illustrative Mathematics books for Units 1-3
~Practiced navigating websites (Mrs. Premus's and Illustrative Mathematics)

Friday, Aug. 30:
~Summer Math Packet Review
~Equivalent Fractions Practice

Thursday, Aug. 29:

~Tour of Math (Procedures, Good Habits, Routines) 
~Equivalent Fractions Pie