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Har-Bur Middle School - GOLF INFORMATION – Fall 2016


Golf is a challenging, non-competitive, lifetime sport that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of size, speed, etc. We are very excited to offer our students the opportunity to go to Burlington Golf Center and Fairview Farms to hone their golf skills. We expect to have about 20 students who will pay $8 per session to alternately travel on to Fairview Farms and to Burlington Golf Center ($16 per week for both). We have designed this program to give our students in Grades 5-8 a positive and fun after school activity.  Golfers of all levels are welcome but we will be grouping students by skill. This kind of grouping makes the instructional piece of the club more effective.   Students must sign up for both days and cannot be missing a school sport. We cannot give refunds for missed days.

We will travel by school bus to Fairview Farms Golf Course, located at 300 Hill Road in Harwinton. We will be here from about 3:20- 4:50 p.m. Their phone number is 860-689-1000, and their website is We will travel by a different school bus to Burlington Golf Center, located on Route #4, 522 Spielmann Highway, near the old Johnnycake Mountain Airport. We will be here from about 3:00- 4:30. In case of emergency their phone number is 860-675-7320 and the website is Please notice the different start and end times.

Students will get instruction and practice time for 1.5 hours. We will have the students bring their clubs to school in the morning. (If students do not have clubs, we can lend them some.) Clubs will be transported by the teachers to the courses.  Students will go on a school bus to the facility and will need to be picked up at the facility by their parents/ guardians.  This will occur starting September 13 and run for 6 weeks - through mid-October. Burlington has an indoor facility that can be used even when the weather is not cooperating, but Fairview will be more weather dependent.   Applications are going to be accepted until September 8th.  If more than 20 students apply, students who have participated in the past will get priority.  After that students will be chosen by lottery, with an attempt to distribute this opportunity for all grades. Please send in the attached permission slip to sign up.  

Snacks are not provided but students can bring something with them. Students are allowed to buy refreshments at both facilities but will need cash.

Please complete the attached form below  along with the concussion / heart attack forms from the Athletic Webpage and $96 in check only made out to HBMS ($16.00 per week x 6 weeks) and return it in an envelope to Mr. Bogen's office. Please feel free to call us at (860) 673-6163 or (860) 601-0714 with questions.

Har-Bur Middle School

Permission Slip


 Due to the nature of golfing activities on the golf course and practice areas, (golf clubs swinging and golf balls being hit), I hereby, for myself, my heirs executors, and administrators, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages and losses I may have against Har-Bur Golf Club, Burlington Golf Center or Fairview Farms Golf Course, the golf instruction staff, employees, and representatives for any and all injuries suffered by me or my family during current participation in any golf activity. I give permission to secure emergency medical treatment for the above names minor while in care of the golf course staff.


This is to certify that _______________________ has my permission to join Har-Bur Golf Har-Bur Golf Club.

Parent/ Guardian Signature _________________________                    Date ___________


In order to group children by skill we need some starting information.  We will have students who are just learning and we have others who have taken lessons for years.  It is not an issue either way but they will learn more and have more fun if they do get the support they need at the level they need it.


How often does the student play golf outside of this club?   ________   times per week/month/year?


Has your child taken any lessons?______  How often? _____    For how many years? _____


What is his/her approximate handicap if he/she has one?   ______ (most won’t have one)


Emergency Contact Name ________________________                   Phone ______________

Emergency Contact Name #2 ________________________                     Phone ______________


Email Address ____________________________
Email Address ____________________________


*In the future information will be sent out via email.  If you don’t have email make a note on this above.


Kris Ingvertsen (Advisor)

John Deeb (Advisor)

Peter Bogen (Advisor)

Har-Bur Middle School Golf Club

26 Lyon Road

Burlington, CT 06013



PLEASE RETURN THIS PAGE WITH PAYMENT  ($96 - payable check to Har-Bur Middle School)  Please also print and sign copies of our District required forms (2) on concussions and cardiac arrest -(found on our Athletic Webpage)