Science Links

Septic System web-site link


During the course of this year, your child will learn about: Astronomy, The Moon, Chemistry, Scientific Notation, and Ground Water. We will be reading, writing, watching, and experimenting - all of which make great dinner conversations!


Scientific Inquiry - is the thoughtful and coordinated attempt to search out, describe, explain and predict natural phenomena.

Scientific Literacy - includes speaking, listening, presenting, interpreting, reading and writing about science.

Scientific Numeracy - mathematics provides useful tools for the description, analysis and presentation of scientific data and ideas.

Check out the attached link that takes you to our Region's science curriculum guideline


NASA for middle-school students



National Geographic for Kids



Want to know your local weather report?

Just type in your local zip code!



Sharon Audubon Center

This is home of the "Birds of Prey"

that we see in October!



Free field guides!

Identify trees, animals, birds,

or insects living in your backyard!



Brainpop Movies!



A website all about Biomes & Ecosystems



Calculate Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise

and Moonset times using

The Old Farmer's Almanac!!



Earth & Moon Viewer!!