Mrs. Sheehy's Bio Page

Mrs. Sheehy

I have had the pleasure of being a teacher at Har-Bur Middle School for twenty-one years. Two of those years,  I taught Social Studies, the rest as a Math teacher.  I spent seven years on the Garnet Team (grade six), three years on the Diamond Team (grade seven) and six years on the Silver Team (grade eight). For two years, I taught Seventh Grade Social Studies.   
Prior to teaching at Har-Bur, I taught first and fourth grade in a parochial school in Waterbury. Before embarking on a career in education, I worked in various sales and accounting positions in private business.
I began my higher educational pursuits with an A.S. in Business Management. I earned a B.S.Ed (magna cum laude) with a major in Math with Science and Geography. I most recently earned a M.S. and 6th Year Certificate in Educational Administration.
My Connecticut certifications include three teaching certifications: Kindergarten through Sixth Grade, Fourth Grade through Eighth Grade and Social Studies and History Certification for Grades Seven through Twelve. I have an Intermediate Supervisor Certification (092). 
In addition to enjoying the RSD10 community, I love spending time with my son, family and friends.  I just sent my son away to college this year!   At home, I love growing things, and cooking up dishes and treats for my family and friend to enjoy.! I have a dog named Sadie. She is the first dog I have ever owned. She is cheeky and sweet!