Colonial America

13 Colonies Interactive Games and Activities

1. Colonial Interactive History - Give it a try
2. Where are the 13 Colonies - Timed
3. Another timed version - Another
4. 13 Colonies Concentration (not easy at all) - Game
5. The Jamestown online adventure - 
6. 13 Colonies Brain Pop

The Lost Colony of Roanoke
‘No one knows what happened to the “Lost Colonists” of Roanoke Island…” it's a real-world mystery.  

1. History Channel Video
2. Roanoke Text with Audio 1
3. Ducksters Lost Colony of Roanoke
4. What happened?
5. John White's Diary
6.Roanoke Quiz

The first permanent English settlement in the Americas

On the Trail of John Smith- Interactive
Jamestown Interactive
Jamestown History Globe
Brain Pop Pocahontas
Mapping the New World
Why Do Maps Change Over Time?

1636 Powhatan Map 1636 powhatan_map.png
1636 Powhatan Map

1651 Virginia Map 1651 Virginia map.png

1651 Virginia Map

The Mayflower Compact
The Mayflower Compact 1

The Original English 13 Colonies

Practice your map skills
using the activities below!

Label the 13 Colonies!

Beat the Clock and Label the 13 Colonies

Learn more about each colony

Everything you wanted to know about the 13 Colonies

Colonial Quizlet

Mr. Zoller's New England Colonies Podcast

Mr. Zoller's Middle Colonies PODCAST

Mr. Zoller's Southern Colonies PODCAST

13 Colonies Rap! Check it out!

Life as a Child in the 18th Century (Video)

Colonial America Inquiry Research Links

Start Here!
First, look through these five sites to find lots of information about the different aspects of Colonial Life!

Colonial Life

Colonial Life -Ducksters

Colonial Life PBS

Noah Webster House

Home of the Brave

Housing and Settlements


Colonial Houses

What is a Colonial House?

Games and Entertainment

Games and Entertainment in Colonial American

Noah Webster House Colonial Fun


Religion in Colonial America

Land of the Brave- Religion in the Colonies

Colonial Education

Home of the Brave- Colonial Education

School- Noah Webster House

Clothing & Fashion of Colonial America

Colonial Clothing

Clothing Terms

Food & Crops

Work and Trades

New England Colonies

Middle Colonies

Southern Colonies