Grading & Homework Policies
Grading Policy:

Student work will be assessed using Region 10's priority standards. The four priority standards for writing that will be assessed on report cards are "Written Expression," "Research," "Language," and "Conventions." Students will receive a "Meeting", "Progressing", and/or "Not Yet" based on grade-level standards. 

Homework Policy:

What About Homework?
Among the many talents and skills students acquire during the middle school years, responsibility and organization carry tremendous importance for success both in school and in the future. Homework gives students an opportunity to think about, practice, and review what they’ve learned at school. It also enables students to learn how to manage their time and their learning materials. Furthermore, homework discussion or review allows parents to stay informed about their child’s academic progress and attitude towards school. Thank you for supporting Har-Bur’s high standards of achievement among its students!

Homework in Sixth Grade:

Sixth-Grade students are assigned homework every school night.  This will include 30 minutes of nightly reading and any additional practice in other classes.  Homework provides students the opportunity to practice their learning, to prepare for upcoming class lessons, and to develop responsibility.  On Monday through Thursday, students will have L Block, which is a 30-minute period dedicated to starting homework and seeking extra help from core academic teachers. Whatever homework is not finished during L Block is expected to be completed at home. Students are responsible for recording their homework assignments in their Agendas/Planners during each class. 

In the event that a student misses a homework assignment, a discussion between the student and the teacher will occur.  Parents will be notified if a child is missing homework on a consistent basis.   

How Can Parents Help With Homework?
· Provide a quiet, consistent study place
· Decide with your child on a predictable daily homework routine
· Show support for homework’s importance

How Can Teachers Help?
· Assign homework that is meaningful and reasonable
· Review homework assignments
· Reward students who continuously complete homework
· Assist students who have difficulty completing homework
· Assignments are posted on the team Wiki page for your reference.


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