Spanish Grade 8

Spanish I and II Scope and Sequence .docx

How will you be assessed?

    1. You will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate proficiency in regards to the 4 skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking in the target language. Assignments and assessments will be divided into the following categories.

      30% - Interpersonal Tasks (ex. writing letters or emails, having conversations)

      30% - Presentational Tasks (ex. oral projects, compositions, quizzes)

    2. 30% - Interpretive Tasks (ex. reading letters, articles, listening to videos or audio clips)

      10% - Homework 

How can I do well?

Studying your vocabulary lists is the most valuable thing you can do to ensure success in Spanish this year. Study the vocabulary for the lesson we are working on at least 10 minutes each day and make them YOURS to keep. At any time consider reviewing all the pages of the packet. In addition you are expected to recall what you learned last year, so you may want to review the vocabulary on line from Spanish 1. And next year you will be expected to recall what you have learned this year. Learning all the vocabulary well will help you throughout the year.

The Chapter 4B test will take place Monday 5/15.  You may retake the any grammar quizzes until you achieve 100%.  

Over the next week there will be various listening, reading and speaking assignments.

Remember to consider all work to be "study time" as you work with vocabulary continuing to connect the vowel sounds with the spelling!

Homework is always due on the day that it is assigned.  Nearly all assignments, quizzes and tests can be retaken.  See Señora at the beginning of class or during L Block regarding all retakes and late work.

Check the Portal regularly for any work to be made up. Please do so in a timely manner. If you have a band lesson, it is your responsibility to complete all work done in class.

For textbook activity practice type in: 


2) Course Content

3) Companion Websites

4) World Languages

5) Realidades (the 2nd textbook)

6) Level 2

7) Go to the current chapter and select any activities.

(You can download the vocabulary by clicking on “repaso del capítulo”)

You can also go to to practice Spanish verbs, grammar and "vocabulary by book" (Realidades 2)

This year we are working on out presentational writing.  This is our Rubric:

HAR-BUR Presentational Writing Rubric.pdf