Week of 5/15

Indian Removal FINAL DRAFT due Friday 5/19

Indian Removal Essay 
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Final Typed Draft Reminders - Indian Removal Essay.doc

Works Cited 
Indian Removal - Works Cited Page.doc

Week of 5/1
Using a question you created during the QFT activity, you will conduct research on Indian Removal. You will be responsible for a 7-10 sentence response with information you researched. Please use the websites I have listed below. If you would like to use a different website, please ask first. You can submit on Edmodo or share on one drive. 


http://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu/active_learning/explorations/indian_removal/removal_timeline.cfm a timeline 


Week of 4/24

Test- 4/27 on the Constitution 
Study Guide Constitution .docx

Week of 4/17

Current Events due 4/21

Our Government in Action Web Quest due Thursday 4/20

Helpful links:

Executive Branch 

Supreme Court 

Congresswoman Esty 

Senator Murphy 

Senator Blumenthal 

Digital Copy of WebQuest

Our Government in Action - Web Search (1).doc