7th Grade Diamond Team

5th Grade STEM   


I would like to take this time to welcome you and your child to 5th grade STEM (Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Math). Together, I know that we can make this a very productive and rewarding year.


This year we will be working on several different units in Math including; volume, expressions, order of operations, fractions, division, multiple digit multiplication, amongst other topics.  You will see a few assignments come home each week based on these topics (please see the homework letter for more information).


In Science we will be studying; Land and Water features, The Moon, Lenses and Mirrors, Parts of the Eye, and much more!


Our “Social Contract” has been written by the students the first week of school, and incorporates the Har-Bur Middle School code of conduct which is printed in the handbook. 

The school’s guidelines are as follows…


  1. ) Work Hard
  2. ) Work Smart
  3. ) Work Together


Students know that if they are to act-up/ call-out in class then there are consequences for their actions.  The consequences are as follows:


  1. ) First Strike: Name on board.
  2. ) Second Strike: Student will reproduce and adhere to the social contract.
  3. ) Third Strike: Student will fill out a behavior form signed by student, teacher, and parent.
  4. ) Fourth Strike: Office referral.


You can expect to see a “STEM Weekly Update” on Fridays.  This form will give you an update on your students’ behavior and work completion in Math/Science for the week.  Please review the form with your child and sign/ return for the beginning of the following week.  Again, thank you in advance for your support in your child’s education.


I’m looking forward to a successful year working with you and your child!


Mrs. Sarah Camp

5th Grade STEM



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