Pet Project

Place Value Pets

dog math


Choose a pet that you would like buy from Petco and own.


Using the following link to PETCO search for an animal you would like to purchase and click on the blue “Care Sheet” link to research your new pet. Read ALL about it. At the bottom of the page, there is a shopping list of ALL the supplies you will need for your new pet.

Be sure to take notes as you research your pet.

Create a chart to organize all the supplies needed and the costs. Order the items and cost from least to greatest in your chart. Total up the total cost and round it to the nearest dollar.

Write the rounded amount in word and expanded Form.

After all of your research is complete. Based on your research, write a letter to Mrs. Deeb or create a Microsoft SWAY as to ALL reasons why you should or should not purchase this pet.

If time allows, research a second animal and compare the 2 and write another letter to Mrs. Deeb or create a SWAY as to which animal would fit in your family better and all the reasons why.

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