Amelia Bedelia Map Project

Amelia Bedelia Hits the Trail Map Project

After watching the reading of Amelia Bedelia Hits the Trail, you are to do the following:

1. Watch the video again and create a list all the things that Amelia stops to do on the trail. You can pause the video at any time. Turn in the list to my mailbox for review.

2. The book doesn't tell you, but Ameila and her classmates hike 1, 320 feet which is 1/4 of a mile! 

3. Create a map showing Amelia's trail.  

On the map include the following:
-all the places she visited and a sign telling the number of feet it took to get there.
-draw a diagram of what Amelia saw or did at each location or event.
-your map should begin at 0 feet and end at 1, 320 feet.

4. Using your map feet locations, calculate the following:
1. The number of feet between when she spotted a deer and the snake crossed the trail?

2. The distance between when Amelia saw the insects crawling and flying and when she picked up fallen leaves.

3. If Amelia and her classmates hike 1 mile, how many feet would that be? How many more times would they have to hike the trail?

5. Write me (Mrs. Deeb) a letter describing what kind of character Amelia is. Use evidence and details from the story to help support why you say what you do. Also, would you like Amelia as a hiking partner, explain all the reasons as to why or why not.

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