3rd Grade Music
Welcome third grade families!

Musical skills develop further this year as the third grade music student adds do and re to their solfege repertoire. Music literature develops as students learn to read and perform grade level rhythms including whole notes, dotted half notes, half and whole note rests, time signatures, bar lines and fermatas. Students learn to identify by sight and sound the instrument families and continue to develop vocal skills, music reading and notating through formal and improvisational forms. A recorder unit is taught to help develop reading and performance skills. Classroom music reflects the study in the general classroom for literacy and history.


Ukulele Curriculum! When we finish recorder, we will be starting the ukulele. Each student will have their own CLASSROOM instrument, and learn the basic chords, fingering, plucking, and strumming techniques.

3rd Grade Music right now is pretty fun! We are making ukuleles out of recyclables that we get to take home the very same day! MusicPlayOnline is an online music curriculum that is being introduced in the classroom, just in case we go back to Distance Learning. There is also a  lot of review going on for note durations and reading note names on the staff. Prepare for some beautiful music coloring pages to come home!