4th Grade Music

Welcome fourth grade families!

The fourth grade music student develops understanding of the pentatonic scale, vocal ostinati and adds high do, low la and low sol to the solfege repertoire. The music literacy sequence includes letter names and develops proper musical terminology for expression in music. Students read and perform eighth and sixteenth note combinations with eighth note rests added. Students listen and identify rondo form and theme and variations. Folk dances are taught as part of the movement sequence. Classes link concepts of history and culture within unit study.


Ukulele Curriculum! When we finish recorder, we will be starting the ukulele. Each student will have their own CLASSROOM instrument, and learn the basic chords, fingering, plucking, and strumming techniques.


Along with the 45 minute classroom music experience, students may choose to join CHORUS. The chorus gives students performance opportunity to develop skills taught in music class through performance. Students continue to create, perform, respond, and connect to music. Chorus takes place in the first semester of the school year, meeting once a week during the school day and ending with a performance in December!

Students may also elect to participate in the Instrumental Lessons Program for Band as well! Small Group Lessons are scheduled during the class day on a weekly basis. Band rehearsals take place in the second semester of the school year, meeting once a week during the school day and ending with a performance at the Big Band Bash!

4th Grade Music right now is pretty fun! We are making ukuleles out of recyclables that we get to take home the very same day! MusicPlayOnline is an online music curriculum that is being introduced in the classroom, just in case we go back to Distance Learning. There is also a  lot of review going on for note durations and reading note names on the staff. Prepare for some beautiful music coloring pages to come home!