Unit Five

How is reading a speech, poem, or script for a play different from performing it?


In this unit, students will read plays, poems, and speeches. They will explore different genres and analyze words, dialogue, and scenes to discover how they are critical to the development of the work and its message. Students will specifically look at flashback, diction, connotation, tone and inflection. In addition, students will have the opportunity to act a scene from a play or perform a poem. Finally, students will use the variety of text in this unit to write persuasively.

Student Objectives (based on Common Core State Standards for 8th grade)

  • Read and discuss a variety of dramatic fiction and speeches.
  • Analyze particular word choice within dialogue and how it reveals aspects of character.
  • Conduct research on a contemporary topic.
  • Perform in a variety of styles (drama, poetry, speeches).
  • Participate in group discussions to evaluate arguments (claims).