Grading Policy

2018-2019 UPDATE: There will be a major change in the way students are graded this year.  For more information about mastery based reporting, please check the Region10 website. 

Sixth grade grading procedures prior to 2018-19:

· Grading 

Grades will be assigned to projects, tests, quizzes and classwork. Numeric grades will be documented in the Power School program and can be accessed through the Parent Portal. Total points awarded throughout the quarter will result in the final quarter grade. 

· Retake Policy 

Retakes will be allowed by teacher discretion. Students receiving a grade of less than 70% of points available on tests, quizzes and projects will be advised to retake the assignment to show understanding of skills and content. All retakes will require the completion of a Retake Request Form, which will be available on our websites and in class.