Past Clubs/Activities


To make learning more fun and accessible, I try to integrate technology whenever possible.  The above video is from a program called "MobyMax" that I used in my class for many years.  Our class used it so often, we were asked to be in a "commercial" for the program!  

Below are groups and clubs that I have been involved in over the years.  I am unfortunately not associated with most of them now because of my current schedule, but I would be happy to provide any information about them.  

National Geographic Bee - Instructor/Organizer 
LEGO Robotics - Coach
Odyssey of the Mind - Coach
High School Track - Assistant Coach
Middle School and Freshman Boys Basketball - Coach
After School PhotoShop Group - Instructor
Har-Bur Teen Leadership - Instructor 
Har-Bur Slideshow 

I have fond memories of past contests that my students have participated in and won.  You can't win if you don't try!

A winner from the Secretary of the State Essay Contest.   Thanks to all of
those students who won over the years and let me enjoy a day at the capitol!   

   "Dear George Washington" Essay Contest