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I can't believe that this is my 11th year teaching at Har-Bur Middle School! I was an Emerald Team teacher for 2 years, a Garnet Team teacher for 7 years and now this is my 2nd year as a Diamond Team teacher! I too was a student in the Region #10 school system and graduated from Lewis S. Mills in 2001. I received my Bachelor of Earth Science from Eastern Connecticut State University in 2005. After college I went to graduate school at University of Bridgeport where I earned a Master of Arts in Education in 2007.


I know middle school is tough at times, but I hope that in my science class I can at least make it a lot more fun!

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing" ~ Albert Einstein 

( I love Einstein!!)



How to contact Mrs. Fortin:

 Feel free to call me anytime, but the best way to reach me is through email because of my teaching schedule.


 SCHOOL PHONE: 860- 673-6163 Extension# 17120


Welcome to a fantastic 7th grade science year!
During our class, we will cover a wide array of topics, including (but not limited to):
Course Description


Topics of study include:

  • The Scientific Method - Inquiry and Experimentation
  • Earth Science
    • internal earth
    • plate tectonics
    • volcanoes
    • earthquakes
    • weathering, erosion, deposition
  • Physical Science
    • Forces
    • Motion
    • Newton's Laws
    • Energy and Work 
    • Energy Skate Park- A fun activity to try at home :)
  • Activity to be done at school:

The curriculum will include labs, journaling, group work, videos, projects, and more!
All efforts will be made to tie in STEM activities where possible!

*All information is subject to tweaking, so thank you in advance for your
 patience and understanding.


Science               Science


                    Homework Policy

    What About Homework?
    Among the many talents and skills students acquire during the middle school years,
    responsibility and organization carry tremendous importance for success both in school
    and in the future. Homework gives students an opportunity to think about, practice, and
    review what they’ve learned at school. It also enables students to learn how to manage
    their time and their learning materials. Furthermore, homework discussion or review
    allows parents to stay informed about their child’s academic progress and attitude towards
    school. Thank you for supporting Har-Bur’s high standards of achievement among its students!

    How Can Parents Help With Homework?
    * Provide a quiet, consistent study place
    * Decide with your child on a predictable daily homework routine

    * Show support for homework’s importance


    How Can Teachers Help?·
    * Assign homework that is meaningful and reasonable
    * Review homework assignment

    * Reward students who continuously complete homework
    * Assist students who have difficulty completing homework
    * Assignments are posted on the Homework Hotline for your reference.

    In order to best assess our students’ academic progress, we have modified our previous system
    of grading homework assignments. Homework assignments will NOT be counted into the
    students’ overall grade for each class. However homework will still be assigned, collected and/or
    reviewed by the teacher. Students are expected to complete all homework appropriately and to
    hand it in on the assigned date. Homework completion will be documented through the use
    of the Grade 6 Paw Points Rubric.