Colonial America

The Lost Colonial of Roanoke Lesson (click the link below)
Lost Colony of Roanoke

Jamestown Colony

The Original English 13 Colonies

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Beat the Clock and Label the 13 Colonies

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Everything you wanted to know about the 13 Colonies

Colonial America Inquiry Research Links

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First, look through these five sites to find lots of information about the different aspects of Colonial Life!

Colonial Life

Colonial Life -Ducksters

Colonial Life PBS

Noah Webster House

Home of the Brave

Housing and Settlements


Colonial Houses

What is a Colonial House?

Games and Entertainment

Games and Entertainment in Colonial American

Noah Webster House Colonial Fun


Religion in Colonial America

Land of the Brave- Religion in the Colonies

Colonial Education

Home of the Brave- Colonial Education

School- Noah Webster House

Clothing & Fashion of Colonial America

Colonial Clothing

Clothing Terms

Food & Crops

Work and Trades

New England Colonies

Middle Colonies

Southern Colonies