Denise Genest

Hello My Name Is...

Denise Genest


I am very happy to be teaching here at Har-Bur this year!  I will be teaching Family & Consumer Science and will be teaching Grade 5 Sewing, Grade 7 Nutrition and Foods, and Grade 8 Entrepreneurship.

About me:  

Although 2016/2017 is my first year at Har-Bur, I have over 14 years of teaching experience.  For the seven years prior to coming to Burlington, I taught culinary courses at Newington High School.  I live in Burlington and have lived here for 25 years. 
B.S.:  Home Economics Education, UConn
M.S.: Secondary Education, CCSU

Classes I teach are:

Grade 5 Sewing - Students will learn:
The role of fabric and sewn items in their everyday lives
Sewing Room Safety
How to use a variety of sewing tools
How to sew a button onto fabric
Various stitches
How to apply the above skills to a hand-sewn project

Grade 7 Foods & Nutrition - Students will learn:
The importance of Kitchen Safety
How to use a variety of tools and equipment
How to follow a recipe
Basic measuring techniques
How Food-related Conditions can impact peoples' lives

Grade 8 Entrepreneurship - Students will learn:
How entrepreneurs get started
The importance of developing a prototype
How to prepare a final product
Collaboration - Feedback - Reflection
The Spirit of Giving Back
As well as basic Culinary Skills
(Also see Entrepreneurship webpage)

Commonly Asked Questions:

Students seeking help can stop by before school with a quick question and/or to set up a convenient time to meet.

Students who are absent the day an assignment is distributed will be given the assignment when they return to school.