Research-Based Informational Writing
Researching Topics and Note-taking:
Article and Notes on CASSINI:
Note-taking Class Model: Scholastic News-So Long, Saturn.docx
Sample Notes: Sample Notes- Biomes.pdf
Note-taking Form: Session One Notetaking Form.docx

Article and Notes on Chinese Seismometer:
Note-taking Class Article: Ancient Chinese Seismometer Used Dragons and Toads.docx
Note-taking Class Model: Chinese Invention Notes.docx
Note-taking Form: Session One Notetaking Form.docx

Citation Forms: Citing Sources- pages.docx
Library Database Passwords: Online Research Database Login Info.pdf

Boxes-and-Bullets Plan: InfoWritingBulletsPlan2.pdf


Introductory Paragraph:
Writing a Thesis Statement: RBI Thesis Statement - Chinese Invention 2019.pptx
How to Write an Informational Chapter (Essay): How To Write An Informational Chapter copy 2.docx
Video on Opening Sentence: RBI Opening Sentence
Writing an Opening Sentence: RBI Hook - Chinese Invention 2019.pptx
Notes Page-Opening Sentence Types: RBI-Opening Sentence Types copy.docx
Introduction: Putting It Together: RBI Writing an Introduction copy.pptx

Body Paragraphs:
Studying a Mentor Essay: The Bulldog RBI Essay.docx
Video on Writing Body Paragraphs: Writing Body Paragraphs
Body Paragraphs Class PowerPoint: RBI Writing a Body Paragraph.pptx
Transitioning into Quotes: Ways to Cite Evidence RBI.pdf
Transitioning out of Quotes: Ways to Analyze Evidence RBI.pdf

Concluding Paragraphs:
Writing a Conclusion: RBI Writing a Conclusion.pptx

Text Features: RBI Text Features.pdf

If you think you are done...
1. Look over the rubric. Do you have the necessary requirements?
RBI Essay Rubric: Chinese Invention Essay Rubric 2019.docx
2. Use the following checklist: Information Kid Checklist copy.pdf
3. Ask a friend(s) to read your essay and give you feedback.
4. Find more compelling direct quotes--have two per body paragraph. Use a variety of direct quotes (numbers and statistics, experts, etc.).
5. Improve your transitional phrases. Don't use the same boring transitions. Transitions Guide.pdf
6. No abbreviations. Spell out...feet, miles, percent, etc.
7. Look at the sample essays...Can you find a technique that they used that you should? 

Sample Essays:
Essay-Environmental Research.pdf
Essay-Yellow Fever.pdf

Research-Based Informational Writing Resource

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