Reader's and Writer's Workshop

Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop are approaches to reading and writing instruction that can vary depending on who is providing the definition. The way we approach Reading and Writing Workshops in my classroom is aligned with the Columbia University Teacher's College Reading and Writing Project. This model allows teachers to maximize instruction in reading and writing 
in a way that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

In a nutshell (although really, we would need many, many shells to give you a complete picture!), students are taught a mini lesson by the teacher, read self-selected texts at their level while the teacher confers with students or works with small groups on strategy lessons, and then have opportunities for talk with both the teacher and peers about what they learned about themselves as readers and how they are problem solving to become even more proficient!


Writing Workshop follows the same approach, except students write self-selected topics. Students explore ideas, techniques and write for extended periods of time practicing their writing fluency, while also setting goals and critiquing their own work and that of their peers to decide which ideas might be worth exploring further into full blown "published pieces".

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