Brain Bytes for Parents

Welcome to this page which is designed to offer resources for you to see your child through the lens of brain development as well as offer other information to support parenting our children.  

Dr. Dan Siegel - Interpersonal Neurobiology
Dr. Siegel has written many books. One of his books that addresses how to help your child integrate the aspects of their emotional development with their intellectual development is titled, The Whole Brain Child.  Dan is on YouTube and travels extensively as a speaker.

Social Emotional Learning Components
CASEL - the Collaborative for Social and Emotional Learning has gained greater recognition over time for its explanation of the imperative nature of developing the five core social competencies, Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision Making, in order to support resiliency and sense of self -efficacy in our children.

Where Does Compassion Come From?
In this short You Tube cartoon video, the idea of compassion becomes as simple as noticing that others too have stories, joys, and sorrows.  It just takes us making the choice to notice.