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Eighth grade is part of the K-12 Language Arts Curriculum for Region 10.  Six units of study are designed around the CCSS Common Core State Standards.  We utilize the Lucy Calkins Readers/Writers Workshop method of instruction for reading and writing development in connection to the units of study.


Class Preparation:  Daily notebook, planner, text for assigned reading, pen, pencil, eraser




      Homework: 10 percent of the student’s grade.


Per District Policy students are to read for thirty (30) mins. daily.  We will have written assignments in relation to reading material.  This constitutes ten percent of the student’s grade. 


      Quizzes: 30 percent of the student’s grade. 


      Tests: 60 percent of the student’s grade.


Grading is scored on a point system with greater point value assigned to more demanding assignments.  A variety of assessments are used: reading notes, quizzes check-ups, narrative papers, informative papers, persuasive papers, class and small group participation, skill check ups, tests and projects.  Students will set their own goals with their teacher and track their progress in reading and writing logs.  The following units of study align with the CCSS Common Core State Standards:

Unit 1 – “It Happened in….the City and the Country”  Urban and Rural Settings in North America


Unit 2 – Historical Fiction “Looking Back on America”


Unit 3 – Authors and Artists “Examining Process”


Unit 4 – Dramatically Speaking “It’s Not What You Say But How You Say It”


Unit 5 – Public Service Announcements “Serving Your Community”


Unit 6 – Creating Utopia – “For the Greater Good”






Grades are available for review on the Parent Portal, and I strongly encourage you to check them often.  Grades are updated every two weeks.


There is no “Extra” credit.  There are plenty of assignments during the year.  If students do all of their work, they will be fine.  If not, please seek extra support to reach the level of success desired.  Tutoring is available L block on Tuesday/Thursday.  This is open entry/open exit.  Students may come for help on a particular topic or concept until they fully understand it and then they won’t need to come again OR students who know they struggle in LA may come for extra help (small groups) with Mrs. Johnson during L block on Tuesday/Thursday.  After school, I am available by appointment.



My ONE school rule.  Your rights in the class extend until you violate another’s right to an education.  Inappropriate behavior is that which interrupts my teaching or student learning.  In accordance with school policy, and the CKH (Capturing Kids Hearts) initiative, students will follow the student-generated Social Contract posted in our classroom.






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