8th Grade Art

Grade 8 Art

Students in 8th grade come to art class four times during a six day cycle
 for one quarter of the school year. During this time, students will have
the opportunity to explore major categories in art, a variety of
media/materials, subject matter and skills/techniques.
While studying Art History, students will then apply their knowledge
into their own works of art.

The following are the LEARNING TARGETS for this course:

Major Categories will include:


  • Realistic Art
  • Abstract Art
  • Non-Objective Art
Media and Materials may include:
  • Pencil
  • Marker
  • Colored Pencils
  • Digital Photography
Grading Policy in Art:

Students are assessed based on following specific guidelines per assignment. 

Term grades are averaged using the following percentages:

50% of grade = Major Projects (those which take 3 or more classes to complete)
20% of grade = Mini Projects (those which take 1-2 classes to complete)
30% of grade = Class Responsibilities (adhering to class and school rules)

‚ÄčStudent Samples of Digital Photography:




Student Samples of 2-Point Perspective House Realistic Drawings:



Student Samples of Non-Objective Line Drawings: