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Ecosystems Investigation:

National Parks Website:

Wolf Video Clips

Video 1 – Musk Ox versus Wolves

Video A: Wolves Hunting Caribou – BBC Wildlife’s Planet Earth (1 Wolf)

Video B: Wolves Hunting Elk Yellowstone – BBC Earth (4 Wolves)

Video C: Wolves Hunting Caribou - BBC Nature’s Epic Journeys (1 Wolf)

Video D: Gray Wolves Chase Down Bison-

Video E: Baby Bison Takes on Wolf and Wins – National Geographic (1 Wolf)

Video F: Wolves Hunting Buffalo – National Geographic (1 Wolf)

Video G: Wolves Take Down Elk – PBS (4 Wolves)

Science GIZMO:

Class Code: TD4RZK

2019 Astronomical Events:

Earth, Moon, Sun Webquest Link:
During the course of this year, your child will learn about: Lenses and Mirrors; the Moon; Land and Water; and the Senses. We will be reading, writing, watching, and experimenting - all of which make great dinner conversations!


Scientific Inquiry - is the thoughtful and coordinated attempt to search out, describe, explain and predict natural phenomena.

Scientific Literacy - includes speaking, listening, presenting, interpreting, reading and writing about science.

Scientific Numeracy - mathematics provides useful tools for the description, analysis and presentation of scientific data and ideas.

Check out the attached link that takes you to our Region's science curriculum guideline

Land and Water

For the internet exploration please click on each of the following sites and view the pictures.
Make your observations in your notebooks. 

The Moon Calendar...
Phases of the Moon Web-Quest:

Task 6: Phases Animation

Task 7: Moon Phases Quiz Link:

Science review/game sites:

Senses and The Nervous System (webquest)


Independent Science Presentation: 

Prezi:  Prezi

Ecosystem/ National Park Research

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