Social Studies

The Grade 5 Social Studies curriculum introduces students to United States history.

Our focus is on three areas: The meeting of the cultures of Europe and America (with the arrival of the Europeans), life in colonial times, and why the colonists revolted from England.

The lessons incorporate the four dimensions of inquiry-learning outlined in the Connecticut Social Studies Frameworks for 5th grade; with an emphasis on students analyzing and evaluating a variety of documents, sources, and perspectives. The concept of culture and how it affects each person in a society is developed and students use a combination of their own experiences and studies to identify the ways our American culture has been shaped from many diverse historical experiences.

 Students will:

 • Identify the different reasons why Europeans settled in the New World.

 • Identify how settlers affected Native Americans and were affected by them.

 • Identify how bringing African slaves to the new world resulted in profound change in American society.

 • Become familiar with the concept of trade and the colonies’ interdependence with England.

 • Learn that the American colonists’ and the British government’s views about the rights and responsibilities of colonists became increasingly divergent, eventually leading to the American war for independence.

 • Formulate historical questions based on primary and secondary sources, including documents, eyewitness accounts, letters and diaries, and artifacts.