Writing Workshop

What is Writer’s Workshop?

Writer's Workshop is an interdisciplinary writing technique which can build students' fluency in writing through continuous, repeated exposure to the process of writing.

􏰀Mini-Lesson: (5-15minutes): A short lesson focused on a single topic that students need help with. 

􏰀Status of the Class: (2-5minutes): A quick way of finding out what each student is working on.

􏰀WritingTime: (20-45minutes or more!): They write, while I write and/or conference with individual students or small groups.

􏰀Sharing: (5-15minutes): Writers read what they have written and seek feedback from their audience. I can share my writing, too.

Writing Process Learning Progression K-5
 (This link can show you the learning progression expectations by grade level)

The students' first assignment will be to create a Writer's Notebook. This notebook will be used for ideas and drafts.  Students were encouraged to decorate their notebooks with pictures and words to help spark small moment memories!