Below are links and resources we will be using throughout the year for each unit. They will be uploaded prior to the start of each unit.  Be sure to check back soon!

UNIT 1: Early Explorers

Internet Resources:

Note:  Do not be afraid to explore other links off of these sites for more information. These are just to get you started.

Anasazi Sources

Mound Builders Sources

Inuit Sources

Fact Monster Article on the Anasazi


Wikipedia Article on the Anasazi


The Mesa Verde National Park has information and pictures.


Fact filled site about the Anasazi


Anasazi - Mr. Donn


Wikipedia article on the Adena Mound Builders

Mound Builders/Mississippians


Indians of the Midwest has an overview of the Mound Builders.


Read this article.

TheHopewellswere the second of the three Mound Building civilizations. They were the strongestcivilization for 500 years and grew in the middle of the United States. A good informative website is the Ohio Ancient Trail.


The third and greatest mound building civilization was theMississippian. The Cahokia Mounds State Park (Illinois) website is packed with timelines, pictures, interactive timeline andmore.


Moundbuilders pictures


Wikipedia Article on the Inuit

Inuit Culture

The InuitPictorial History| A famous Inuit: Kenojuak



Inuit information



Inuit - Mr. Donn


UNIT 2: Colonial America

UNIT 3: American Revolution