Classroom Policies and Procedures

Welcome to Onyx Team and Humanities with Mrs. Geissler!



1. When you come to class, the first thing you should do is hand in your homework in the Homework bin, find your seat and follow the directions on the Smart Board. 

2. Sharpen any pencils you may need.

3. Make sure you have all necessary materials for class. 

4. Work on morning work if I have assigned it, otherwise you will read or write in your writer's notebook. 

Good News, Cheers and Affirmations

1. Good News will be shared each day by anyone has good news! 

2. Cheers will be used when a student shares “Good News” or when groups or individuals present. 

3. Shout Outs/Affirmations should be and will be given freely. We will start the year with verbal affirmations and then begin working on written affirmations. 


1. Free-time Friday will be awarded if we do an amazing job all week. 
2. Genius Hour!!! 

I’m a firm believer in building positive relationships with each and every child in my classroom. With that being said, our Social Contract is a very important part of our classroom. The following consequences will be used for students who have difficulty following the Social Contract:

Consequence Number One: Warning

Consequence Number Two: Complete a Behavior Think Sheet 

If students continue to disregard the Social Contract they will get this consequence. This allows them to reflect on their behavior and analyze its effect on themselves and others. 

Consequence Number Three: Parent or guardian contact

If the first two consequences are not effective, the third consequence will need to be given to the student. 

Consequence Number Four: Referral 

A referral to the administrator. 


Classroom Library
The books in our classroom library are yours to borrow, on the honor system. You are free to choose any book you want. You may take it home with you, but I ask you to please return it in a timely manner and in the same condition that you found it. 

1. Choose a "just right" book.
2. Return a book to its correct bin. The bins are labeled with the genre and a number. You are expected to put the book back where you found it. 
3. Treat my books as if they were your own books.
4. Read, read, read!!!!

What to do if you are absent?

When you return to school, you will check in with me to see what you missed. 


For the most part, your homework will only involve reading and jotting some of your thoughts about your book. You may occasionally have some writing or social studies. Some homework may involve a long-term project. Don't worry...I will keep you updated and post it on my website