Book Talks

Book Talk Assignment


For your Book Talk, you will give one 3-minute presentation on your independent reading book. The purpose of a book talk is to convince the listener to read the book you are recommending.  This book talk is essentially a persuasive speech to convince the listener that they should read a specific book.


A book talk is very similar to a trailer for a film, which shows you just enough information to convince you that you should watch the movie.


The book talk will cover some elements of the novel, but you should focus much of your time on the plot, themes and conflict in the novel. NO SPOILERS!!! (Don’t give away anything juicy.)

Presentation Outline:

 Attention getter:

Find an interesting, exciting, or mysterious quote to start off your presentation.  This quote will get the reader’s attention.  Don’t just pick any old quote… choose carefully and deliberately to try to capture the attention of the audience. Also explain why you chose the quote.


Clearly introduce your book by giving the title, author and genre of the book.


Describe the setting, characters, and plot of the book without giving too much away of the story.

What is the main conflict? What themes are developed?  What lessons do characters learn? Please use precise and descriptive language. Don’t just give a list of characters. Don’t over-summarize. (Hint—you are doing this if you find yourself saying “and” too much.)


Without giving away the ending, convince the reader that you loved this book and that this is the book they want to read next. Make some predictions about what kind of student would enjoy this book (“if you like…, you’ll love…”).


Practice your presentation a few times before you present. Time yourself.

Use note-cards or an outline. This will prevent nerves.

Alternative: Students can pre-record a book-talk and upload it to All other requirements are the same. Search “book talks” or “book trailers” on for examples.

Book Trailers