Math 8 Class Page

Welcome to Math 8!

The following policies are in addition to those found in your student handbook. They are guidelines so you know what is expected and can plan for success!

Overview for this year:

  • The Number System
  • Expressions and Equations
  • Functions
  • Geometry
  • Statistics & Probability

In order to be successful this year, you must:

  • Follow the classroom routine every day!
  • Come to class each day prepared Having your PLD,  Binder (1 ½” or 2”), a writing utensil, and a scientific calculator.
  • Be an active participant – math is a team sport, not a spectator sport!
  • Be organized and responsible – These are the two key factors to success is middle school!

Online Resource: Kendall Hunt Illustrative Mathematics Web Site:

  • Parents please use the “For Families” Grade 8 link to find resources.
  • Students please use the “For Students” Grade 8 link for resources.

Class Routine: This will be a daily routine.

  1. Enter the classroom ON TIME!
  2. Have your homework out on your desk, ready to be checked.
  3. Write down tonight’s assignment into your planner.
  4. Open your PLDs to your math OneNote binder. Complete the warm-up problem on the board in OneNote.

Grading: Grades will be on a points basis, not a percent basis.

  • Small Assessments/Check-Ins – Between 10-50 points
  • Mid-Chapter or End of Unit Assessment – Between 51-100 points
  • Homework  – Either Complete Fully with work shown (2 point) , Partially Complete/Missing Work Shown (1 point), or Not complete (0 points).

*Please note that homework will NOT be counted in your final grade, but completion will however still be checked and recorded in PowerSchool.


  • Homework is for practice of the topics covered in class, therefore I am only assessing homework completion rather than grading each assignment. It is either completed fully with work shown for 2 points, partially completed/missing work shown for 1 point or not completed for 0 points.
  • Homework will be assigned most nights, typically 20 minutes worth. Please do not exceed this amount. If you are having any difficulties which are requiring you to spend a lot of time on it, please seek help.
  • You have one day to get any late homework into me or else the grade will remain a zero.
  • Homework should be completed in pencil and ALL WORK MUST BE SHOWN to receive credit.
  • Please star any problems that you were unable to complete. Be ready to share these at the start of next class.

Redo/Retake:  Some assessments will have retakes offered. Retakes are encouraged so that student ability can be properly measured. Portions of assessments can be retaken rather than full assessments if needed.  In order to retake an assessment, the following requirements must be met…

  • The student must have done some preparation/studying for the test. Proof of this is required. (Extra problems from the book, extra worksheets on the weak areas, proof of study from an online resource like Khan Academy).
  • The student must complete corrections on the original assessment and have the corrections verified.
  • Student must come prepared to retake the assessment on the agreed upon date.
  • Students must fill out a retake form and get it signed by a parent/guardian.

Retakes are allowed up until 2 weeks after the original assessment, and all retakes are subject to teacher discretion.


  • If you are absent, you are responsible for obtaining class notes and HW assignments and making them up quickly. **ALL CLASSWORK AND HOMEWORK CAN BE FOUND ON ONENOTE AT HOME. Missed HW’s will go in power school as a 0 until shown to me. Any missed handouts can be found in the absent folder. It is easy to fall behind in a math class due to missed class time so please seek extra help when necessary!

Extra Help: If you begin to feel unsure about material please seek extra help! I would love nothing more than to get you caught up during L block or after school! Please see me to set up arrangements for after school so I know to stay after. Please do not wait to get help. One afternoon could save you from a semester of total misery!