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Welcome to Señora Brault's Spanish website for Har-Bur Middle School! Thank you for visiting the site!

Señora Brault has taught elementary and middle school Spanish at Region 10 since 2001. She learned to speak Spanish while living and traveling throughout Central America and enjoys sharing her cultural experiences with her students. Señora Brault spends her free time reading, cooking, kayaking and taking long walks in the woods with her dog. 

Señora and friiends

Señora Brault and friends

Click here to access the Realidades site link.

Click here to use Conjuguemos for practicing ER/IR verbs.  Remember that you can choose not to practice AR verbs or vosotros if that is your preference.

Click here to practice ER/IR regular present tense verbs and learn some new infinitives at the same time.

Click here to play Who Wants to be a Millionaire to practice conjugating present tense regular verbs.

Specific course information is below:
Course overviews:

5th Course Overview Document.doc

6th grade course overview.doc

7th spanish course overview.doc

Homework is found on the TAREA page
Cultural sites are found on the Useful Links page

Sea Impresionante! (this is on youtube and parents should give permission for students to access the site to watch our classroom launch video)

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