Shannon Puzinski

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Wellness Essential Question


How do my choices influence my ability to maintain a health and balanced active lifestyle?

As teachers we engage students in a variety of knowledge-based activities and teach 21st century skills to promote a physically active and health enhancing lifestyle. Research shows that an effective wellness program enhances students learning by boosting concentration and focus in the academic classroom. 


Our mission is to expose students to a multitude of successful and meaningful movement experiences while fostering an environment that is positive and safe both physically and emotionally. It is our goal to empower students with the skills and concepts necessary to participate in responsible decision-making and demonstrate behaviors to improve and enhance the quality of their lives. We are responsible to develop the whole learner, including critical thinking, literacy, physical, emotional, and social skills. A strong focus is placed on healthy lifestyles and respect for lifelong physical activity. In providing these opportunities, each student will be prepared to lead and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.