Ancient Mesopotamia is often called "the cradle of civilization." The world's first civilizations, the Sumerians, The Akkadians, The Babylonians, The Hittites, The Kassites, the Assyrians, The Chaldeans, The Phoenicians and The Hebrews, were all located in the modern day area of the Middle East. In class, we will be exploring the geography, the culture, the achievements and the important leaders of each civilization. 
The Fertile Crescent

Archaeological Dig Activity- University of Chicago
Archaeological Dig Activity

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Hanging Gardens of.....?
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Hanging Gardens Of Babylon

Mesopotamia Research Project 

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 Teacher Approved Websites for Research

Mesopotamian Resources
Mesopotamia- Cuneiform
Kassites Essay
Assyrian Essay
Akkadian Essay
Babylonian Essay
Assyrian- Ninevah Essay
Hittite Essay
The Phoenecians Essay
Assyrian Messenger System Assyrian Messengers
Assyrian Conquest
Assyrian Military
Trade for Phoenicians
Hammurabis Code
How Writing Changed the World
Hebrews in the Roman Empire
Hebrew Daily LIfe
Hebrew Enslavement
Assyrian Achievements
Kassite History
Hebrew Daily Life
Hanging Gardens of Nineveh
Babylonian Math
Sumerian Sailboat
Mesopotamian Sailboat
The Ten Commandments and Their Affects
Hammurabi's Code
Hamm. Code
Ancient City of Babylon
Life in Babylon
Ancient Phoenicia
Hanging Gardens of Nineveh
Chaldean astronomy
Who were the Hittites?
10 Facts about Sumer
Sixth Grade Soc. Studies Curriculum site
Chaldean Sundials
National Geographic article on Hanging Gardens Hanging Gardens- National Geo article.docx

Mesopotamia Overview- Great resource.docx
Article on Nebuchadnezar's (Chaldeans) Building Achievements: Nebuchadnezzar Buildings.docx

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