Grade 7 Course Expectations

7th Grade Language Arts Expectation Sheet     Mrs. Tylutki    Room 221


Course Description:

            The seventh grade Language Arts curriculum is part of the K-12 Language Arts program in Region 10.  Students will participate in literature units designed around the District’s Essential Questions for Language Arts K-12 and the Connecticut State Standards.


We will do several reading and writing units this year:

            Agency and Independence

            Writing Realistic Fiction

            Science Fiction






Language Arts Essential Questions:

            ~ What is critical thinking and why is it important in the Language Arts?

~ How do I interact with language and communicate my ideas effectively?

~ How can the Language Arts lead to meaning, pleasure, and personal                                     expression?

~ How do readers recognize and writers use the elements of good literature?

            ~ How does an examination of other cultures and human experiences give us an                   appreciation of others and ourselves?


Preparation for Class:

            - notebook, binder, and paper

            - pen, pencil, and eraser

            - assigned reading and or written homework completed

            - texts for class

            - please bring an SSR book



            Grading is done on a point system with greater points assigned to more demanding and/or time consuming assignments.  A variety of assessments will be used: papers, projects, essays, quizzes, reading checks, tests, and participation.  Grades are available on the Parent Portal, and I strongly encourage you and your child to check them regularly.  Grades are updated every 2 weeks.


Extra Credit:

            There are plenty of assignments during the year.  I do not give extra credit.  Please do not ask for it.  If you do all your work, you will be fine.  (At my discretion, some assignments may be redone to assure you understand the concept/standard).



Extra Help:

            I am available in the mornings, during L Block, and immediately after school.  Please do not hesitate to ask me if you need help.  You can also email me at  I try to check my email from home, so you can always contact me that way.  In the case of an extreme emergency, you may contact me at my home (860)-485-0574.




Classroom Rule:

            I have one major rule that encompasses all rules:  Your rights in the classroom extend until you violate someone else’s right to an education.  My definition of inappropriate behavior is anything that interrupts my teaching and/or student learning.  I consider the following as inappropriate behavior:


            - talking when I or another member of the class is talking

            - putting one’s head down on the desk

            - interrupting the class for lateness to class or passes from class

            - lining up before dismissal

            - inappropriate language

            - distracting noises or actions

            - touching another student





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