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Ancient Egypt is one of the world's oldest civilizations. In sixth grade, we explore both modern and Ancient Egypt's geography, culture, important people and events. Ancient Greek historian, Herodotus, called Egypt "the gift of the Nile." We explore the Nile River, as well as other geographical features of the region and the affects on the people who live there. We study the Ancient culture of the region, including the process of mummification, the purpose and construction of the pyramids and other monuments and temples, and historically important people and events. 

North Africa Poster Websites:
Encyclopedia Britannica

Ancient Egypt Project Choices:
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Ancient Egypt Project Rubric:
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Egypt Project Outline:
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Information on Ancient Egypt can be found on the following sites:

Virtual Karnak
360 Cities- Karnak

King Tut's tomb

Pyramid Builder Game- BBC
***Click on this link if the previous Pyramid Builder Game does not work Pyramid Builder Game

Gods and Goddesses

PBS-Nova- Ancient Egypt

Gods and Goddess

More Gods and Goddesses

Egypt Activities


History Channel- Obelisks
YouTube- Pharaoh's Obelisk Documentary Pharaoh's Obelisk Documentary
Pyramid Game

Ancient Egypt
Egypt Resources

Medicine in Ancient Egypt  (recommended by Noah) 

Queen Hatshepsut Prezi

Cultural Pizza

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***Video shown in class- King Scorpion and Palette of Narmer
"King Before the Pharaohs"

Planet Egypt Video- How Egyptians used the Nile and how they became unified under Narmer
Planet Egypt

Egypt games:
Journey to the Afterlife game
Hathor's symbols
Egypt games