Southern and Eastern Asia

The geography of Asia, specifically India and China, will be explored in this unit in order to determine the regional geography, including climate, population and resources, and its effects on the people and culture. Students will be exposed to modern economies and cultural practices. The fundamental origins and beliefs of Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism will be examined. Important historical leaders and events will be highlighted throughout the study of India and China. 


With your group members, choose a question below to answer through research. Present your research in the form of a poster. Make your poster appealing, neat, creative in order present your information. Be sure to cite your sources using You will be assessed on how well you Gather Sources, Use Evidence to Communicate your Theory/Answer and how well you Understand the Content. 

Your poster will be posted in the hallway for all to see :) 


In order to prepare for this assignment- watch the video here:




Possible Monsoon Questions:


- What is the effect of monsoons on the Indian people? The environment? The economy? 


-How has climate change affected or changed the monsoon cycles? 


-What causes Indian monsoons? What causes monsoons in other parts of the world? How are Indian monsoons similar or different from other monsoons?


-What's the difference between Indian summer and winter monsoons? What happens if they don't occur?


-Monsoons can be positive of negative- how can they be both? How can people of India adapt to the monsoons? What suggestions can you come up with for how the people of India can deal with and/or adapt to the monsoons?


-In your opinion, does a monsoon affect (both positive and negative) an urban area or rural area more? 


Possible Sources:




Geography Of India:
Geography of India

PBS-The Story of India

Cultural Pizza Template

Mt. Everest:
Mt. Everest- Google Earth Video
Mt. Everest Facts
Mt. Everest Trek
Climb Everest Scholastic


National Geographic- Monsoons

India- Monsoons- Mr. Dowling

Monsoon Facts

Monsoon Info

Monsoon Article

Monsoon Information
National Geographic Monsoon
Britanica Monsoons
Monsoon- Newsela Article.docx


Terracotta Army

Cultural Pizza Template

Chinese Invention Project:
Chinese research project.docx
WritingChinese Invention Research Project Rubric.docx
ChinaInventionDemonstrates Understanding of Concepts.docx
Develops Questions Rubric.docx
Communicate Conclusions Rubric.docx
gathering sources rubric.docx

Online Citation Maker* (use MLA cite- input information, copy the finished citation and paste into final document)
MLA Citation Creator


Cause/Effect Qin Dynasty
causeeffect qin.docx

Thing Link- Shi Huangdi