Foundations of Geography

The Introduction of World Regional Studies unit is a chance to lay the foundations of understanding of ancient civilizations. Students will be introduced to the 5 themes of geography, the 6 patterns of culture and the 5 characteristics of civilization. Students will recognize the values that became the signatures of ancient cultures. Through discussion and dialogue with family members, homework and activities will establish a reference point for students to comprehend the cultural aspects of different civilizations.
World Map

Links and information in this section include outlines for sections read in class from the "Foundations of World Geography" text book. Please refer to these outlines and information to complete homework and classwork assignments.
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*Climate Zones Packet (named Weather Part II)- Do not complete page 4

Some links on weather and climate

The Water Cycle

Wind and Water Currents and Conditions

Earth's Global Air Circulation

Some links on Population

US Demographics

Population Globe

3-D globes

Population Migration by Country

World Population History
World Migration
World Population Data
National Geographic Mapmaker- Population

5 Themes of Geography Explanations

5 Themes

Online Encyclopedia:

Encyclopedia Britannica Online- Middle School Ed.

5 Themes video

5 Themes Video

5 Themes of Geography Research Project 
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Nations of the world (resource for 5 Themes Research Project)
Nations of the World

5 Themes of Geography Quiz Review
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CULTURAL PIZZA TEMPLATE (Type in text boxes)

Timeline Assignment and Rubric
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Timeline Creator Website:
Timeline Creator- Online

Encyclopedia Britanica
Encyclopedia Britanica