Homework, Grading & Retake Policy

Homework Policy: 

  • Homework is usually assigned 1-2 times per week and is due the following day. 
  • Work completion will be checked and missing assignments will be required to be done at L block that day or as soon as possible.
  • Late assignments should be turned in as soon as possible.
  • Parents will be notified if students repeatedly do not have their assigned homework completed.

Grading Policy:

  • When viewing PowerSchool, a blank or (-) next to an assignment indicates a score that has not yet been recorded. There will be symbols to represent late, incomplete or missing assignments.  A key on the page will identify the meaning of the symbol.

Retake Policy:

Hello 6th Grade Science Parents/Guardians,

We are looking forward to a great 2019-2020 school year with our students!  As many of you may have heard, several departments and grades throughout the district are engage in a “retake” program  based upon the research shared by nationally renowned presenter, Rick Wormeli.  In addition to adhering to the homework policy for Region #10, we will be allowing students to “retake” ¨some summative assessments for full credit.  However, students will not have an opportunity to retake every assessment.  We will identify for students which assessments fall under the “retake” umbrella prior to the administration of the assessment.  This will allow a student to demonstrate that, with more time and attention, he or she has been able to learn the material and work toward mastering the standard. 

 For assessments that have a retake option, students must reflect upon the previous assessment and create a short learning plan to assist in mastering the material missed prior to retaking the assessment.  If students are mastering the science standards being assessed, their new evaluation should reflect this learning.  However, in the instance that students score lower on the retake, their grade will be changed to the new retake evaluation level.  At this point, the student and teacher will discuss their options for relearning the material.  Creating quality assessments that are aligned to standards takes considerable time, so please be patient with us as we pilot this new approach.  Please reach out to your child’s teacher if you have questions.  Our main priority is your child’s growth as a learner and we look forward to the opportunity to try a new instructional strategy that will benefit the whole student. 
Thank you for your support,  
6th Grade Science Department

 Mary Jane Dunn – Emerald Team                       Julie Hawks – Garnet Team