• Homework
    In order to best assess our students' academic progress, we have modified our previous system of grading homework assignments. Homework assignments will NOT be counted into the students' overall grade for each class. However, homework will still be assigned, collected and/or reviewed by the teacher. Students are expected to complete all homework appropriately and to hand it in on the assigned date. Homework completion will be documented through the use of the Grade 6 Paw Points Rubric-


Quarter 3:

2/21- Finish "The Birth of Chinese Civilization" assignment (online textbook)

2/20-3/12- Chinese Invention Research Project due 3/12

*****If there is a Snow Day on 2/12, please log onto TEAMS for a Social Studies Homework Assignment titled  "The Origins of Buddhism"

1/28- Finish Classwork. Log into online textbook (see link off my main page). Read the section on Early Civilizations of India and complete the attached "Guided Reading" assignment. Save your work on your OneDrive/365 account. Due 1/29

 Quarter 2:

12/10- Egypt project outline completed and signed by Wed. 12/12
Egypt project outline.docx
12/3- Social Permission Slip and payment due 12/5

11/14- All research paragraphs completed by Mon. 11/19 (3 civilization paragraphs, 1 important leader paragraph, 5 fast facts & citations)

11/12- All Mesopotamia Research/Notes (not paragraphs) completed by Tues. 11/13

11/9- All Mesopotamia Research (not paragraphs) should be completed by Tuesday 11/13

Quarter 1:

10/29- Complete Mesopotamian Achievement Notes from the video. (See Video page)Mesopotamian Achievements

9/25- Log into online textbook and complete "Background Knowledge Check" AT HOME- due Monday 10/1

9/10-  Cultural Pizza due 9/12 (use notes from class to complete)

8/30- Sign and return the following forms by Friday September 7:
-Student Handbook p. 23
-Camp Sloper permission slip and payment 
-Home Contact Form
-Grade 6 Expectations
-Grade 6 Social Policy