Course Description

6th Grade Science Course Description:

This course is a hands-on, inquiry-based study of Earth’s systems and cycles based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). 

Topics of study include: Ecology, Chemistry, Scientific Method, Astronomy, Weather-Atmosphere, and Water.

Student Expectations:
Develop and use models 
Construct explanations and design solutions
Engage in argument from evidence
Obtain, evaluate and communicate information
Analyze ad interpret data
Plan and carry out investigations

Standards for Assessment:

  • Evaluations reflect student achievement on class work, home work, tests, quizzes, and projects as compared to the Grade 6 Science Standards.
  • In addition, positive attitude, effort, and class participation are all expected.

Learning Activities:

  • Inquiry-Based Laboratory Activities
  • Class Discussions
  • Guided Research Investigations
  • Independent Research Projects
  • Field Studies of Local Environments 

Integration of Technology:

Technology will
be integrated throughout the year in a variety of ways and will include the use of: electronic media, desktop and laptop computers (Internet, Word, PowerPoint) and videos/DVDs using a Smart Board.


  • Prentice Hall Science Textbook series (Simon & Schuster Education Group)
  • Periodicals
  • Electronic & Print Reference Materials