General 5th Grade Information


STEM Homework Policy

Let’s make an attempt to limit STEM Homework to 20 minutes a night.  There is no proof to support that spending an excess amount of time on homework is productive to student growth. We believe in the importance of spending time doing things that are proven to be productive to student growth; such as spending time together as a family, reading together, playing outside, and going to bed early.

Your child will be working with the Bridges “Workbook” books or “Home Connections” each week.  There may be two to three assignments each week that go home for homework.  The goal is to practice/ follow-up what has been done in class.  Some days students will have the opportunity to complete some of their assignments in school. Homework will be due the day after it is assigned (unless otherwise specified). 

Please do not spend more than 20 minutes a night on a homework assignment.  If the assignment can not be done within 20 minutes, have your child bring in what they have completed within that time, and honest attempts will not be penalized. Incomplete assignments will be asked to be completed at a later date.  Homework assignments may look different for each student. 

5th graders are asked to write down their homework in their agendas daily. This practice will promote independence in our students. 

Establishing a good homework routine is beneficial to homework completion. Along with practice, and self-discipline, homework completion also teaches responsibility and independence.  Thank you very much for your involvement with your child’s education.  

 5th Grade STEM Teachers



Our class created our social contract. The social contract is designed to let all participants in our classroom know what behavior is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

When developing our contract we considered these questions:
1. How do you want the teacher to treat you?
2. How do you want your classmates to treat you?
3. How do you treat your classmates?
4. How do you think the teacher wants to be treated?
The last thing we discussed is: How can we handle violations of the contract? Our contract is an active agreement that is referred to daily.


Har-Bur operates under a set of common and consistent "Har-Bur Husky Traits". They include:

Positive Attitude,

In conjunction with adhering to our CLASSROOM CONTRACT, students are expected to display these traits daily. These expectations are taught and modeled in all areas of school-life. In addition to receiving positive verbal support, students are also able to give and receive written affirmations from classmates. 


Students are able to earn Huskies for demonstrating the Har-Bur Husky Traits throughout the day, whether in the classroom or in other areas of our school. They are able to earn different prizes based on the level of reward.

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