To access the online version of our Grade 6 textbook: Discovering Our Past: A History of the World; please go to the following link below and enter your username and password. 

Discovering Our Past A History of the World

**Social Studies students in grade 6 are very busy! We often are completing research, creating informational posters, and working in collaborative groups. Grade 6 students are often assessed on their classwork. Check out the Classwork Rubric for a clear view of student work assessment. 
Download file "Social Studies Classwork Rubric.docx"

** Many times students in our 6th grade Social Studies classes want to read more about some of our Ancient Civilizations. Over the past few years, I have had several students ask for fictional book recommendations that take place in Ancient Egypt, Greece, China, Rome, Mesopotamia and India. Below are a few links that offer lists of books that relate to our curriculum. (Please note: I have not read many of these books, but simply found websites and lists that offer Young Adult titles relating to our curriculum. Parents, please preview these books before offering them to your child to read)
Young Adult Historical Novels
Keene Public Library Database of YA novels
Ancient Civilizations Best Sellers

**Our Learning Center is a valuable resource! Check out The Learning Center's page and check out Mrs. Johnston's links, specifically for citation pages and online research help. 
Research Links
Fact Monster

**September 17 is Constitution Day here in Connecticut. Each year in Social Studies classes, students participate in a lesson relating to the United States Constitution. 
Creating the Constitution

School Climate