Mastery Based Learning - Standards Based Report Cards

Standards-Based Report Card

As a school we began our journet toward standard based report cards in 2014.  As a staff we have read books, held discussions, worked on committees, and adjusted our curricula.  We are at a point where we can confidently propose this report card.  The purpose of a standards based report card is to communicate with our students and their families the level of progress towards specific learning goals in the current academic year. It provides detailed feedback on each child’s growth in regard to these goals, areas of strength, and areas where additional time and effort are needed.

We are hoping this page will be one resource to support our work on Mastery Based Learning and Standards Based Grading. Here you can find videos, articles, other media for your pleasure! We will soon be adding a blog component where staff can openly share their thoughts and questions on this topic.

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Some of our favorite videos related to our the move to Mastery Based Learning and Standards Based Grading.

**What are the 3 key points of Standards Based Grading? Find out here!(3:21)
3 Key Points of SBG

**A comparison of Standards Based Grading and our current grading practices- complete with experts point of view! (13:51)

**One of our favorite presenters- Rick Wormeli- a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker on all things Standards Based (34:53)
Rick Wormeli- Part 1

"The Game of School"

Reeves Toxic grading practices

Growth Mindset Video

Ted Talk Mastery Learning with a Skateboard

Related books to read as resources
Fair Isn't Always Equal - Rick Wormelli
Developing Standards -Based Grading - Thomas Guskey and Jans Bailey
On Your Mark - Thomas Guskey
Rethinking Grading - Cathy Vatterott
Mindset - Carol S. Dweck