Reader's Workshop
Readers Workshop INFO
Homework - Reading 30 mins 4/5 days a week for a total of 120-150 minutes total a week.  Keeping a log of their reading and then Notice and Note/ Stop and Jot using their response journal.  Each night students should be jotting down thoughts- of any kind.  Thinking about the lesson and focus strategy that day.  They will be using their responses for daily conversation in their book clubs/partners.

10/17 raymond'sruntext.pdf   
Read the story and answer the question.  How does Squeaky change, using evidence and explanation from the text. 

11/6 ThankYouMam.pdf
Read and annotate with signposts
Read the short story and Write a theme Response- Using a thematic statement, 3 pieces of evidence from the B,M, and E with explanation on how the evidence connects back to the
theme in class.

11/13 6_All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury.pdf
Read and annotate with signposts

Notice and Note Bookmark.pdf

20 projects for any novel revised[2].pdf
Independent Reading Project Rubrics and guidelines.