Ongoing Expectations

HI...Here are a few things in my class that are ongoing expectations!

1. Binders

Binders will be kept by each student to track Genres read, Mini Lesson Handouts, Reading Logs, Important post it notes that relate to mini lesson progress.

2. Participation

All students are expected to participate in class on a daily basis in a positive manner. This includes being respectful to their classmates and their teacher. They are expected to raise their hand when we are in a Whole Class Format and to use their group management signs when we transition into our groups soon. I encourage a fun, lighthearted atmosphere where kids feel safe and NOT intimidated. Although I encourage Positive Participation some students may yell out or talk and disturb others, in this case, their participation is negative, which is against our classroom expectations. I will pull them aside and speak to them and give them a chance to display appropriate behavior. If it continues they may be removed from their group and a parent will be emailed. I am sure this will not happen!!


Just for bringing your homework back you get CREDIT!! As long as you brought it home, did it, and returned it.....whether it is right or wrong is another story!! :-) So do your homework every night!! I know things happen, so you are allotted one 0 for each marking period.....if at the end of the marking period you have NO OTHER 0's you will have that 0 dropped.

NEVER bring in a blank paper!! Always TRY TRY TRY!!!!!!!!

ALWAYS do your assigned reading or you will be totally "lost" for our next class!! :-)