Grade 8 Helpful websites and animations

Start of School:
Quizlets link

"How do you study?"  10 minute survey on Survey Monkey.

Lab Safety:
Lab Rules: Dua Lipa "New Rules" Parody
 Lego Rap video

Metric System:
Introduction to the metric system video
Metric conversion song

Scientific Method:
Independent and dependent variables with "Myth Busters". 6 minute video with four myth busters snippets of 2-3 minutes each. Please watch Myth Busters episodes #1,2&4.

video:  "Matter Chatter".  Reviews the definition of matter and the three phases of matter

9 Layer Density Tower.  2 minutes

Cartesian diver explained 7 minutes.  Can skip part in the middle with the diagram.


Bill Nye video on Atoms

Interactive periodic table

Periodic Table song

Gizmos interactive atoms

Bozeman video: Atoms & the Periodic Table: 10 min

Quizlet on atoms and the periodic table

Chemistry Anchoring phenomena
Decomposing Pig Phenomenon
Decomposing Watermelon phenomenon
Decomposing Squirrel phenomenon
Elephant toothpaste on the Jimmy Kimball show

Baking soda and vinegar

Charcoal sausage demo.

Physical and chemical changes video. 2:35 minutes

Ten Most Amazing Chemical Reactions

Conservation of Mass video

Yeast SEM picture for drawing

Yeast BBC Good Food for notes

What is Yeast? I video


The President tree phenomenon: sway with 2 minute video
Living vs. nonliving video

Microscope and microbes:

video lecture on difference between archaea, bacteria and protists

NPR human micro biome video

Online Microscope quiz

Whacky History of the Cell theory movie: 6 minutes

Virtual pond water lab if you were absent for the pond water lab, go to this site, click on three of the creatures in the beaker, draw them and name them.

Characteristics chart with movie links.doc.  Use this for your homework

Powerpoint used in class nov. 1, 2016: living organisms ppt.ppt

Cell Unit:
Cell lab powerpoint
Cell Lab of onion, cheek and elodea cells for cell lab
Cell parts and functions interactive animation

Cell diagram labeling:

Video on Cell Structure and Function (7 minutes)

Cell cycle phenomenon video:

Cell quiz: multiple choice with diagram

How to prepare onion cells for microscope....3 minute video

How the cell cycle works video...4 minutes
Cell cycle and cell Division video .....5.5 minutes
Cancer: How a normal cell becomes a cancer cell....5 minutes.  Covers causes and treatments.
Cell cycle and cancer...The amoeba sisters..7 minuts.  covers cell cycle and checkpoints.

Classification and the 6 Kingdoms:
Ameoba sisters video on the classification system.  Good explanation. 7 minutes

Photosynthesis and Respiration 
video on PS and Resp inputs and outputs
photosynthesis with the amoeba sisters.  stop at 3:155 minute video 
Structure of the leaf
a 3:42 minute video
Electromagnetic spectrum explained 2:12
Testing leaf for starch video 6:25

Digestive system:
Macromolecules video 2:49
The journey inside project

Virtual tour of the digestive system:  very good...a little more advanced than we need but excellent.

Powerpoint on nutrients, vitamins and minerals

Digestive system process packet answers

Skeletal and muscular systems
Podcast "Working Mom's have been a thing since ancient history" (under 3 minutes)
How muscles move bones in y our arm (2:22 min)

Circulatory system

Blue Whale Heart 1:34
ROM installs preserved Blue Whale Heart 0:48
How the heart actually works....3 min video
GCSE Biology informative on S?F Blood vessels 4:01
Blood Vessels video....1:09
Blood Vessels....2:10
Bill Nye video on heart.  Just watch the first 6 minutes.
Circulatory system video 3 minutes
How the heart works in 3D....3 minutes
What is Blood? 3 minute video on blood components
Coronary Artery Disease 1:34
Atherosclerosis 0:51
Take Control of your Blood Pressure 1:55
How to take someone's blood pressure 2:37

Respiratory systems
Asthma and the respiratory system
epiglottis function
Pneumonia 4:44

Excretory systems
Excretory system
How do your kidneys work?

Nervous system
reflex arc
optical illusions
Nervous system basics 4minutes
Right brain vs left brain inventory

Frog dissection
Anatomical direction terms 3:15
Frog dissection video

Amphibian video 2:33
Amphibian educational video  (4min:30sec)

virtual dissection website
Virtual Frog dissection.docx...virtual dissection questions to answer while on website
internal anatomy quiz
another online quiz with photos

DNA extraction from strawberry
Mendel video 5 minutes
Genetics video - 3 minutes
Sex determination in different animals - under 6 minutes
Bill Nye on Genetics and DNA - 22 minutes
Blood type genetics video....7 minutes
Genes and Chromosomes... Very Informative 10 minute video
What is a gene?....5 minute video
King Henry VIII's six wives
Rosalind Franklin...25 minute video
Rosalind Franklin....5 minute video
What is a Mutation?….1:40 video and reading
Virtual Plant mutation labGrow plants from seed to observe how the DNA mutations affect phenotypes.
Sickle Cell Disease Video....Skip chapter 3....5 minutes

Genetic Engineering

Designer babies.  Choose second video on this website....60 minutes broadcast
IPS cells...5 min video on Dr. Yamanaka's research and implications

Geologic Timeline web quest website link
Nova: Neil Shubin's discovery and it's evolutionary significance. 18 minutes
PBS:  Neil Shubin on his discovery. 5 minutes
The theory of evolution by natural selection (giraffes and moths). 3 minutes
Natural Selection animation (rocks). 3 minutes
"What Darwin Never Knew" Full 2-hour documentary.  For the mystery fossil, watch 1:05:45 - 1:23.
Watch the first 30 minutes if you went to D.C.  
Nova: "Isn't Evolution Just a Theory?". 6 minutes
Darwin's theories. 3:39 minutes
Galapagos IMAX movie

Environmental effects on organism growth...salt water
Intro to the Mangrove forest.  5:45
What happens when you drink salt water? 2:46