Redo/Retake Policy

Redo/Retake Criteria

Adapted from “Redos and Retakes Done Right” by Rick Wormeli


To honor a student’s efforts by giving the extra time and attention needed to master the content, I am going to allow for retakes.  To honor the teacher’s time and effort, and to ensure that this opportunity is not taken for granted, I am asking that you follow the guidelines below.

 It is at the teacher’s discretion whether or not a retake is appropriate.  If a request is made and permission is granted, the teacher reserves the right to make a different version of test.

 Before taking the retake:

  1. Parent signature is required on the original, poorly done version of the assessment.
  2. The student, is required to submit a plan of relearning and provide evidence of that relearning before work can be redone. This includes creating a calendar in which the student lists, day- by-day what he/she will do to prepare.

Once the retake has been completed:

  1.  Submit the original attempt with the new one.
  2. Write a brief letter comparing the two, addressing what is different and was learned as a result of redoing the work.

If you don't follow through on the relearning steps promised:

The student will write a letter of apology to hi/her teacher and family for breaking their trust.